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Advertising your local business in or online can sometimes be a hectic process. At Splice Deals we’ve made it simpler by removing some of the barrios to entry. We’ve simplified the listing process with our intuitive listing tools so you can start advertising your local business in minutes. Businesses listed on Splice Deals on average report 24% more exposure compared to being listed on similar advertising websites in the space.

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Frequently asked questions

Take a quick look through our frequently asked questions, see why our Advertising Platform is right for you!

On your real business page, buyers have three primary ways of contacting you.

  • Email: Customers can contact you by email via an email form
  • Phone Call: Your number is hidden from plain sight until it is clicked.
  • Live Chat: Instantly massage your customers in an easy to use chat system.

If you’re currently not getting any calls or emails from your Ad it could be one of three things.

  • Your Ad isn’t getting enough attention; To get more attention you can promote your Ad to move your search result ranking to the 1st spot & to be shown on similar business pages within the area.
  • You haven’t listed all the products & services you offer: Businesses that list all their products & services show up in many more search results pages. So be sure to list all your products & services. 
  • Your Ad copy needs to be improved: You may need to write a better description and post better photos ensure your opening & closing time are set properly. 

Promoting your Business Listing Ad is done from your User Dashboard under the Manage Listings tab.

Once there you will see all Ads in your account. On each Ad there are a few control buttons that accomplish various tasks.

Click the Promote link, once clicked you’ll see all available promotions for that Ad.

Getting someone to click on your Real Estate advertisement could be easily achieved with a killer tilter and awesome photographs, but getting someone to reach out to you is heavily dependent on your listing description.

Your listing description tells the story of your property, where active home buyers become intimate and fall in love with their potential new home. Your listing description is a crucial part of getting your house sold, where as the most outstanding well written description could be the difference of 2-3X the amount of calls, emails & live messages you get you receive for your listing.  So let’s cut to the chase, here’s how to write a great Real Estate Listing Description that sells.

A few important ideas to factor in when writing a great listing description

·         The different sections of your description

·         The usage of descriptive words that draw attention to your home’s outstanding features

·         Pass up on words & terminology that are known to dissuade buyers

·         Point out brands, upgrades and unique features

·         Take into consideration to the length, grammar and accuracy of your description.

Most people won’t read beyond 300 words of your Real Estate Listing Description, so keep your wording very descriptive, concise & thorough.


Your Opening Statement

Create an Opening Statement that answers your buyer’s questions, “What is this listing all about?” Giving your buyer a reason to continue reading and be sure to add important details here you wanted to add to your title but couldn’t.

There are various features you should absolutely include in your opening statement if your home carries them.

·         Parking (especially in city listings)

·         Double garage (or larger)

·         Private backyard or outdoor space

·         Mountain view

·         Lakefront property

·         Near transit access

·         Renovated kitchen

·         Mother-in-law suite (or other passive income potential)

·         Flexible/room to expand

·         Lush landscaping

The process to list your house for sale in , on Splice Deals takes as little as 10 minutes from start to finish. 

The first time submitting an Ad to our platform takes about an hour to read through all the instructions, uploading Images & making payments but you’ll get a hang of it in no time. 

If you need assistance uploading your first property, please don’t hesitate to contact us, where one of our Customer Delight team members can better assist you. 

Actual actual time to sell your house differ

The time it takes to find the right buyer varies from offer to offer. Taking into account the demand of the market in your location, the offer price & condition along with the year the house was built, the size, proximity to various shopping districts, schools and so on.

You’d also have to take into consideration the amount of views & inquiries you’re getting from home buyers checking out your offer on Splice Deals and your response rate as well. 

    • Wire Fraud:
      Releasing payment should only be done when you’ve read all the fine prints and confirmed all the details of the sale. Be sure to follow your escrow’s instructions carefully and proceed with caution. Always confirm small discrepancies with your Real Estate Agent or your Lawyer.
    • It Was Never For Sale or Rent:
      You got an offer for a property where your agent told you it’s not officially on the market, so you can only view photos, videos or drive by. Not wanting the deal to pass you, you make a deposit. When it’s time to move in, your agent is nowhere to be found and you don’t have access to this new property.
      Be sure to confirm that your offer is legitimate and your agent’s details carefully, get references and visit your agent’s office as well
    • The Cover-Up: 
      The home you’re about to buy is in worse condition than that actually declared.
      Be sure to ask for a property disclosure statement and have your inspector or evaluator do all the inspection & evaluation before making a commitment.
    • The Mortgage Restructure:
      After you’ve bought your home, a Mortgage Agency contacts you offering better ways of paying for your mortgage. It could be better rates, different time to pay back etc.
      Never buy into unsolicited offers of loan or mortgage restructure. If you need to make any changes to your current mortgage or refinancing you should contact a reputable bank or broker and always be sure to make in person visits to their office
    • Buying a home that’s in Foreclosure: 
      Always do your due diligence and research your offer properly. Be suspicious if the people selling you the property haven’t taken the time out to review your finances properly. If needed you should contact your local county recorder to find out of there are any notices filed on the home.
    • Vacation Burglar: 
      Someone broke into a house or apartment of someone on extended vacation then changes the locks and under false pretense list the house for rental and sometimes for sale. Be sure that the person renting or selling you have all the right documents to prove they have the appropriate authority to do so

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